Still in development


WASD - Movement

I - Inventory

Left mouse click - select


Sick in Hospital is a 2D RPG game based in the wilderness of southeast Africa. You are a young tribal warrior who has stumbled upon a mining operation in search for diamonds. You have little to no exposure to the outside world and the sight of helicopters and heavy machinery is alien to you. Upon returning to your village you discover that your family were poisoned. This was caused by the mining operation dumping earth excavated from the site into the local river and the water was contaminated. Your brothers are being held in the village hospital and the doctor/medicine man tells you that the only cure has to be made from a variety of rare items found in the African wilderness.

You must explore the African wilderness, collect the rare items, fight hungry beats and survive encounters with the man in black cloth. While in the wilderness you will have to hunt for food and fight wild animals for survival. The items you need will be rewards for defeating difficult predators. You will gain new skills. Make new weapons and find other items that will aid you in your quest to save your family.